The BB Atelier Series harkens back to the inception of the Bing Bang brand, in 2001, when Anna started making jewelry in her sculpture studio, just out of college in California. At the time, she was making every single piece by hand, and did so into the early years of Bing Bang in NYC.


The essence of the Bing Bang brand, and our muse, the BB BABE, has stayed the same over nearly 20 years. We empower the individual and celebrate the contrasts in the female perspective, where one can be sugary or salty, or definitively a dash of each. The brand’s timeless classics are now being expanded upon with the new BB Atelier series, designed by founder Anna Sheffield.


From 2002 to now, Bing Bang has grown to a wonderful team of women working on both coasts, a worldwide distribution, and a roster of collaborations with brands and design world luminaries such as - Marc Jacobs, TARGET, Urban Outfitters, Ricardo Gonzales of 'It's A Living', the fabulous female founders of Me & You, KEDS initiative Ladies First, and most recently the cannabis culture forerunners at Yew Yew.


Our Atelier collection follows the tradition of Bing Bang’s founder, Anna Sheffield, whose blacksmith training still informs her work in this singular jewelry collection. The process begins with thoughtful design rendered into sketches and then models, as in a proper atelier. The culmination is a seasonal release of hand-finished Bing Bang jewelry, named BB Atelier as it’s made in our NYC studio, which is both workshop and show space.


These infinitely wearable to stunningly editorial pieces exemplify the artist’s touch in luxe materials that include custom-cut and responsibly-sourced gemstones and sterling silver, beautiful with a bright finish or in high-quality yellow gold vermeil.  



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Anna Sheffield

(BB Atelier - Founder & Designer)