WWWxBB - Trinity Midi Ring Set


#WWWXBB - CAPSULE COLLECTION by WE WORE WHAT for BB, available exclusively here!


This set features a yellow gold 'Marquis Eye Ring', signature silver BB Skull in the 'Midi Skull Ring' & a simple rose gold midi band. This trinity of finishes is both playful AND chic.


Designed to be worn top of finger (midi / knuckle style) the rings come in a mixed size set TO FIT ANYONE! Options for customizing / stacking them are endless, follow Danielle's styling suggestions in the images below - or mix and match to come up with your own combinations!


x1 - Tiny Marquis Eye Midi Ring: size 4 (yellow gold)

x1 - Tiny Skull Midi Ring: size 3 (silver)

x1 - Plain Midi Band: size 4 (rose gold)

(We have road tested these on the whole BB gang's hands, they fit fingers of all shapes and sizes, just move them around from pinky to pointer to find your perfect little configuration).


Yellow gold, rose gold and silver plated (heavily) over brass with swarovski crystal, MADE IN USA




photo credit: Gabrielle Revere 

(video stills: Daniel Batten)

Bing Bang Nyc
Picture of Tiny Baguette Ring
Tiny Baguette Ring • $64.00
Picture of Tiny Marquis Ring
Tiny Marquis Ring • $64.00
Picture of Tiny Triangle Ring
Tiny Triangle Ring • $58.00
Picture of Tiny Circle Ring
Tiny Circle Ring • $58.00